A complex strategy game for two players

Bollwerk 178 stands for endless fun! On the board there is enormous potential for attacks, sheer unlimited possibilities for various positions, countless options for the next move, as well as an incredibly wide range of defense strategies.

The goal of the game is to occupy the opponent’s end field with a piece or a bomb. Whoever captures all their opponent’s pieces or immobilizes their opponent also wins.

Each game is unique. Surprising and sudden turns keep causing astonishment.



Fascinating pieces

Each player has 20 spectacular pieces and 25 supplementary stones at their disposal. The game is played on a board with 178 squares. The game board is in a constant state of change due to the supplementary stones.







Endless Fun

Bollwerk 178 constantly surprises with new scenarios and always stays exciting!

There is no luck involved. Due to its complexity, the game is hardly predictable for humans, so that intuition, alert senses and strategic skills are required!

Over 3000 moves are available for just the first move, so that opening theory isn’t very important in Bollwerk 178.

And yet, despite the high complexity, the game always remains good playable. Thanks to the supplementary stones, with which e.g. the defense can be strengthened, possible lines of attack can be closed for the first time or the way of opposing pieces can be blocked, you can keep track of the game. Pieces can also be locked up. Due to the bombs and the knight, there usually is a long way of freeing them again.

A single remaining piece can take the victory over an entire opposing team.

A video of the game is on YouTube.



During its development, Bollwerk 178 was inspired by chess. However, it is substantially different from chess because of the large playing board, the different types of pieces, the game objective, the handling of game situations, the supplementary stones, the various strategies and principles and much more.

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