In order to realize this great project and to make the financing of the first game production possible, we are dependent on active support.
A Kickstarter campaign is planned for 2022.

On request, the names of twelve especially generous donors will be immortalized as supporters on our website with a photo. In addition, the first 1000 people have the opportunity to be mentioned as first supporters on the website with a big, heartfelt thank you for a donation of 10 euro or more.

We are happy about every donation and every Euro/Dollar and are very thankful for them.

Join in and give life to Bollwerk 178!

A big and heartfelt thank you to all supporters.

We will not forget your help.

We are also very thankful about PayPal donations beyond the crowdfunding campaign and thank you from bottom of our hearts. From 25 Euro on, you will be listed as a supporter on the website with your name until further notice.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to

Claudia Thomas

Nikita Krutov

A thousand thanks for his excellent work on all levels, his patience and his great willingness to help. (

Robert Gaddie

A thousand thanks to my friend from Texas.

Philipp Arnoldt

A thousand thanks for his great work.


A thousand thanks to my brother in Christ.